Projects in the South - Burkina Faso


The association is North-South for over 25 years. She works primarily in the legacy projects and job holders in Burkina Faso.

To carry out its actions, it is seeking funding for small projects promising.

Our projects

Since January 2009, North-South contributes to building a training center for disadvantaged youth a few km from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. Our goal is to give these kids a type training courses to enable them to undertake innovative activities: training ceramic plate producing reinforced concrete.

In the near future and with your support North-South is considering the formation of workers specializing in building maintenance, hotel services and maintenance of swimming pools. Short courses are also provided to enable young bakers, once returned to their villages, you can set up small structures bakery.

After about two months training, youth will have a starter kit and a capital base to enable them to start their business.

Help these youth by training, is give them the opportunity to take their futures and achieve their independence.


You can like us, believe in this project because:

It addresses real needs for which local funds are missing.
It is followed in situ by a professional team that has over 10 years experience in the field. These are motivated people with a reliable and realistic approach.
Your help is invested directly on site without much structure or heavy organization.
The basic structure already exists and works.
It is a small specific project whose results are visible in the short term.

Your support material and / or financial will be welcome.

You can make your payments on the account N ° BE31 408 902 51 61 55  North-South ASBL stating: "TRAINING IN BURKINA FASO"

Thank you for your support.