Mission and Vision


"Economics, vector of sustainable development! »

Mission Statement


"North-South believes that every individual is entitled to a life in conformity with human dignity and the sovereign choice over access to food, water, medical care, education, employment and housing"


 North-South strives for a world where everyone can live fully and in its essential needs. North-South believes that this objective can be achieved if the cooperation is encouraged among the local organizations committed to responsible entrepreneurship and economic solidarity. This applies equally to the organizations of the South and those of the North.North-South believes in equality among people, in time and space, and is aware of the malleability of our living environment and our society. Our world, in a process of globalization is a threat but also a source of opportunity for change.Mission"North-South wants to contribute to the development and empowerment of disadvantaged communities and individuals by providing support to the implementation of income generating activities in a perspective of sustainable development."North-South working with organizations, planted in local communities, working in a democratic manner with respect for traditional cultures and in harmony with nature. This work aims to contribute to finding long term solutions to the problems these communities face, and without this the future of coming generations to mortgage, and without climate or ecosystem damage.North-South encourages cooperation between local organizations, both in the South and the North, working in the areas of corporate responsibility and solidarity economy.The intercultural experience and exchange among the organizations associated with North-South form an important tool that encourages reflection of the partners on their own initiatives on the standards, and the possibilities of potential improvements. North-South encourages the transfer of knowledge among the related organizations, both in their own country and across borders.The initiatives launched by the partner organizations of North-South, serve as a model to be successful. The initiatives should be based on the capabilities of the region where they should be realized and the capacities of the beneficiary population increase.The activities undertaken through the existing inequalities associated with the lives of these individuals and communities, and they should help reduce the choices multiply.ValuesRespect Entrepreneurship TransparencyRespect:North-South achieved all its activities in scrupulous respect for the peoples, cultures, languages, gender, religions and partners. To this end, privileged North-South participatory partner relationship. North-South also attaches great importance to respect for the environment as all the activities of North-South take into account the impact on the environment and the notion of sustainable development.Entrepreneurship:North-south measurement is an enterprising character and encourages its partners to take initiatives to promote, in a continuous search for quality. This mindset is reinforced by the desire the efficiency of all its actions to improve.Transparency:North-South are evolving in a fully transparent manner towards its staff, its partners and its target audience and take full responsibility for her actions. The operational and financial results are clear and available so that stakeholders can form a clear picture.